Design Portfolio

312 River Run Logo

My teacher in my digital imaging class in High School told me about a competition the Chicago Park District was holding for high school students to design a logo for the new run event they were starting. 

I entered the competition with a few different designs I created in Procreate that followed their desired guidelines for the content of the logo. My design won the competition and after a month of collaborating with the graphic design team for the Chicago Park District, I made a few changes to the original design and ended up with this iteration being the final design. 

The run event is annual and my logo design is still used to represent the event on promotional items and merchandise.

Somodi Stables Logo

After my success with the 312 Logo design, I was approached by an upcoming competitive horse racing stable that needed a logo. They were impressed by my 312 Run logo and commissioned me to create some logo designs for them based on a few requirements. 

After a month of collaboration, I sent the client a multitude of designs that I created on Procreate to choose from and they chose one they liked. I spent some time making various changes to the design until I reached the finalized design. 

The stable still uses the logo I designed to represent them at competitive horse racing events on uniforms.

Sewsation Graphics

During my freshman year of college at Bradley University, one of my art professors recommended me to some friends who were starting a not-for-profit organization. 

They needed someone to design flyers and yard signs for their events. They loved my designs so much that they began asking me to do all of their marketing materials such as flyers, posters, banners, yard signs, presentations, etc. 

Recently, I collaborated with them to design a website for them to gain awareness for the social problem they’re trying to solve.

Lake and Trails Logo

After working with the client on their Somodi Stables Logo, they asked me to brainstorm ideas for a logo for another project. 

The clients owned a lodge that they wanted to rent out on so they wanted a graphic/logo to represent it. Unfortunately, after much collaboration I was unable to create a final design for them because school got in the way. 

These are some of the successful iterations of designs I had brainstormed.

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